Mario’s Goes TOFB, People Lose Their Shit

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Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct showcased a ton of impactful things for Nintendo in 2018. Doom and Wolfenstein 2 coming to Switch, new footy of Super Mario Odyssey, new Switch bundles with red JoyCon… And yes, you read the title right – a shirtless Mario. Look at this guy. Cruising the beach chicks flexing that rectangular Italian torso while Peach is kidnapped somewhere. Mr. Don’t Give a Fuck is too busy playing frisbee with some dog on a beach by throwing his hat around. Unreal. So what if we didn’t get an Animal Crossing or Smash port on Switch? Shirtless Mario. Plumbers gone wild. Unreal. Mario out here looking like a snack and Chris and Rob can’t even get a text back. What a world we live in.

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