Why is Pokemon Go Plus Delayed? The Real Reason (Not Really)

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Everywhere you go will have the “educated guess” that Nintendo “didn’t know how boss the game was going to be and didn’t make enough supply” Bullshit… A company that is worth 18.4 billion can’t whip up more supply at the snap of a finger? Come on people get your heads out of your ass. It’s BUSINESS.


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For those who aren’t too familiar with what this Pokemon GO Plus accessory is.. It is a bracelet that is fucking aesthetically disgusting and allows trainers to run around and stay on top of their game even without having to constantly fixate on their phone screen. But I kind of respect Pokemon Go Plus not going to the Apple Watch. Instead they are going to throw this hunk of plastic on your wrist with a beautiful red, white, and blue (AMERICA) rope band.  But they are coming out with a few different styles in case you feel like wearing them to your local bar…


Caution: Wearing this bracelet might result in not getting ass.

On more of a business standpoint I don’t think that this launch is being pushed back due to lack of inventory. At all. I think they are adding more suspense and building up the hype. When Pokemon Go came out, Nintendo definitely didn’t plan their servers for the traffic that they did. And they want to make sure they don’t drop the ball on this accessory.  People have been saving their nickels for months waiting for this, and are now feel like their hamster just died.

Now people are going to be chirping about how pissed that they because the Pokemon Go Plus is not coming out until September and spread the product like wildfire. Weather it is by word of mouth, social media, their blogs, etc.. Everyone is going to be looking into it, and seeing what all the hype is about and because of that, Nintendo is going to grab many more sales.


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3 thoughts on “Why is Pokemon Go Plus Delayed? The Real Reason (Not Really)

  1. On the scale of hype, wouldn’t you want to release this as soon as possible? I have a very difficult time thinking Nintendo wouldn’t know they have only a limited window. People outside of the loyal ‘gamer’ sphere will likely lose interest in this game, some already have, and that’s what drove the initial hype and success. Once those people start disappearing, you lose that ability to convert someone who has relatively no interest in Pokémon to someone considering purchasing a Go Plus. Tell some of the people that have shelled out $150+ for a preorder of the product on eBay that it’s not going to show up until September. I guarantee there will be more than one asking for their money back.

    I’ve also read that it was a software issue, likely the fact that the Go Plus wasn’t going to work with Android, that is delaying this.

    1. You hit on some valid points here.. I get where you’re coming from by saying that they should drop it in this limited window because people are already losing interest in the game.. I personally think that it is going to be hit or miss. If they release the Plus now, they might miss out on the people who are taking a while to come around/back around..They could potentially draw these people back in with a dope update before this release. At the same time if you don’t drop now you might risk other people falling off.

  2. And not for nothing. I’d be fucking pissed if I spent the money for this and you tell me I have to wait another month

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