Twitch is Allegedly Lowering Viewer Quality For People Using Ad Block

Just last week, our eyes were opened up to Twitch’s new strategy to force ad block users to, pretty much, get rid of it. This was really brought to my attention after seeing friend of the program, Asmongold, tweet about his viewers getting spammed with ads. And as someone who doesn’t use ad blocker, I installed it to see what was really going on. And it was in fact, bananas.

Well just a short few hours ago, both Tyler1 and HasanAbi (Hasan Piker) said on their stream that Twitch has implemented something that limits ad block users from going above 480p stream quality. Some of T1’s viewers even saying they can’t even get to 480.

What a week it’s been for Twitch and it’s viewers and streamers. DMCA’s coming out the wazoo, and now this. While it’s not anything confirmed, this could definitely be something happening behind the scenes to get that sweet sweet ad revenue. And ultimately, could hurt the platform.

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