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Is A Way Out Going to be the Best Video Game of all time? – A Way Out Trailer

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So yesterday EA dropped heat at E3 2017 with the new A Way Out trailer. After watching it I’m pretty convinced that this is going to be the best co-op game of all time. Hell, maybe even the best game of all time. Vincent and Leo are both in the can and you need to work together to find a way out (see what I did there). You can only play this game as a split screen co-op so you always have to play with someone. If you don’t have any friends now might be the time to start looking because A Way Out comes out early 2018. Prison Break tried releasing a game in 2010 like this one but it was ass, so now I’m looking forward to a prison escape game done right. And when you make it out the game doesn’t end. By the looks at the trailer it looks like it turns into a GTA type feel when you get to freedom. Ripping old ladies out of cars and shit. Take a gander at the trailer below




Take all of my money.


Now searching for a co-op partner to crush this game. Preferably someone who likes to crush lite beers, farts don’t smell that bad, wears deodorant and doesn’t drink Kombucha.

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