About Us


Wicked Good Gaming isn’t your average gaming website. We know there’s probably about 1,000,000 other gaming websites that claim that, but we mean it – and we’ve got over four years, 1000 blogs, and 200+ episodes of Not Another Gaming Podcast to back it up.

If you play video games, you probably have friends that play video games too. If you’ve got friends that play video games, you’ve probably hung out with them at a bar, or a party, or some other social gathering… And what’d you talk about? Among other things – probably video games.

That’s us. We’re your buddies at the bar who can’t wait to tell you how bullshit those new DLC maps were that came out last month. We’re your friends at the party that’ll fill you up a shot of something strong, and toast to a dead character from one of your favorite franchises. We’re the barbarian in your D&D group that always insists on pouring one more round before the party takes on a boss.

We’re Wicked Good Gaming. We may not be experienced writers, but we’re passionate gamers, and the most professional degenerates we know. If you’re looking for a new type of gaming website, with some talk about movies, music, food, and even beer sprinkled in – look no further. You’ve already found us.

If you’d like to stay connected with us, join us on Discord, Twitter, Twitch, and check out Not Another Gaming Podcast on Spotify (or any other podcast platform you prefer)!

With Love,

Papa Dom, Chris P., and Dr. Bob