Head Into The Weekend With The Esports Capitol Of The United States, Philadelphia

Late last year, I told you Philly was well on its way to becoming the esports capitol of the United States. This week, NerdStGamers is helping to cement that as a part of the city’s legacy – as they’ve officially broken ground on The Block.

NSG has officially opened their new corporate HQ in North Philadelphia, known as “The Block” at 401 North Broad Street in Spring Garden. “The Block” will be the world’s first esports industry campus.

NSG’s CEO, John Fazio, is originally from the area, and his vision for the space is not only to bring people together using their mutual love of gaming and esports, but to create a space where anyone – from kids to pros – can tap into the world of esports from the same place.

“Esports is a really exciting industry. We talk a lot about how awesome the opportunities are that come out of it, from college scholarships to careers. What we don’t focus on is how right now it’s an industry of privilege. In order to compete, you need to be able to afford the best possible hardware. The best possible equipment. The best possible Internet. And most people, unfortunately, in our area and in our country, can’t afford that.”

John Fazio, Nerd Street Gamers breaks ground on world’s first esports industry campus in Spring Garden

Nerd Street Gamers is no stranger to philanthropic esports opportunities. Fazio himself states in his Twitter bio that “esports has an accessibility problem, we’re here to fix that”. And he’s not wrong.

The rest of John’s Twitter timeline is populated by retweets from NSG such as this, promoting collaborations with local youth activity programs all around the United States. You love to see it.

Keeping in line with this history of esports philanthropy, Fazio and NSG also reportedly plan to partner with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the Boys and Girls Club to give local kids more opportunities to engage in the world of esports.

I can’t wait to see (and visit!) The Block when construction is completed.

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