One Guy On Twitter Thinks The Next Nintendo Switch Model Will Have Two Screens

The Nintendo Switch got its 10.0.0 firmware update today, which included a bunch of nifty stuff. New avatars, the ability to move system memory to SD card memory and vice versa, and button remapping functionality.

What stuck out to absolutely nobody but vulnerability researcher Mike Heskin, however, was that Nintendo’s latest update apparently included support for a new hardware model, which was labeled as “nx-abcd”.

Big Mike also goes ahead and says that there’s “evidence” of a secondary display being added exclusively on this model, though that evidence is nowhere to be found in the tweet.

This story was, of course, then picked up by Dexterto, who miraculously spun that tweet into a headline about a multi-screened Switch follow up being “leaked”. Hoooooooo boy.

Nintendo has previously stated that they wanted to explore VR capabilities further, so it could be that – but I don’t see a Switch with two screens hitting the market at all. A “Switch Pro” has long been rumored, especially since initial reports suggested we’d get a “Lite” and “Pro” model – and since then one of those has come true. Will the Pro be revealed eventually as well? Perhaps. Will it have multiple screens?

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