Magic the Gathering Arena Moving To 64-Bit Client, Possibly Mac and Android This Summer

MTG Arena’s State of the Game for April just dropped, and it came with some big news for people (like me), who have been waiting for news on a Mac client since late last year when it was initially announced.

Starting with the June 2020 game update,Ā MTGA is transitioning to a 64-bit client. The game will stop supporting its 32-bit client soon thereafter. This is one of the biggest obstacles that’s been preventing it from appearing on Apple’s macOS, which is exclusively a 64-bit operating system.

Skybox Labs (who has worked with Xbox Game Studios on Halo and Minecraft), is helping Wizards to make the port happen, and they’re saying a macOS client should arrive by the end of this summer.

Wizards went on to confirm that mobile support is coming – and is planned for this year as well. Much like Hearthstone, Wizards claims that they’re aiming for universal support with cross-play, so players can have access to all of their cards, decks, and modes no matter where they are.

Fuck yeah.

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