Modern Warfare Has Passed $1 Billion in Sales and is the Most Played Call of Duty of This Generation

According to Activision Publishing, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the most played Call of Duty game in this console generation. Numbers to back it up? So far there have been 500 million hours played and over 300 million multiplayer matches played. And to cap it off, Modern Warfare has pulled in over $1 billion in sales worldwide through through the end of November 2019, and is the best selling premium game of 2019.

Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t. And these are some pretty legit numbers. Regardless of what you think of the Call of Duty franchise, you can’t deny that these numbers are solid. I mean, even if you don’t agree with it, tough shit because selling over a billion after only being out for less than 2 months is mind blowing. And something that a shopping cart could determine is unreal.

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With the CDL starting up in a few months, i’m interested to see what competitive does for this game. As of right now there have been competitive matches via GameBattles like always, and other private match set ups. But with the first of Call of Duty franchising, it could arguable make this game a giant, if done right.. Time will tell. But as of now, bravo Infinity Ward.

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