Head Into The Weekend With The DK Rap

So we’re finally here, the weekend’s coming for you. If you know the words, you can join in too.

Pageviews, engagement, users, all numbers across the board are way up – and it feels PHENOMENAL to have my hard work in relaunching the blog paying off. I wanna say thank you to everyone who has bothered to click on anything WGG related lately – it makes me feel great and I love ya. HIT THE MUSIC!

I know you been working hard, whether you’re cold calling, crunching numbers, helping customers, cooking or whipping up cocktails, whatever you do – you’re doing great. Don’t doubt that for a second. You might be running outta steam, but hear me out:

Grab a coffee for yourself right now, maybe a Red Bull or a Monster if that’s more your thing. Get yourself over the hump and to the end of your shift, then slam your laptop shut and frisbee that motherfucker right at the wall. Or punch out and sprint straight out of your workplace to your car like the Ultimate Warrior:

After that, you’ve got two plans: make a plan, or don’t. If you don’t want to, make a plan for that anyway. Order a pizza, stock up on beverages, and fire up the console or PC of your choice and let it rip until your eyes fall outta their sockets.

If you are making a plan, get a little generous with yourself. It’s almost the holidays, treat yourself. Get that extra cocktail or extra appetizer, double the cheese on the burger, get some premium juice in that drink, order the tall beer, whatever your thing is – do it double cause it’s almost the weekend and you’ve earned it.

By now, the DK Rap is probably over, so get out there and enjoy yourself.


Papa Dom

Co-founder, lead blogger, graphic designer, and manager of WGG's writing team - Dom has been writing about video games for over ten years. Dom's work has been featured on some of the world's biggest gaming news outlets - including Dexerto, GameInformer, and IGN.

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