Star Wars Eclipse: Everything We Know So Far

The Game Awards, for me, basically was over before it even started. As soon as I saw this trailer for Star Wars Eclipse, my brain was spinning for the next four hours just thinking about everything the game could entail.

Before we get into what little details we know about Quantic Dream’s collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, let’s run that beautiful trailer back one more time, shall we?

I’ve previously reported on the rumors that the Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developers had a Star Wars title in the works, and now it looks like the prophecies are true. The Game Awards gave us a rich, sweeping look at Star Wars Eclipse’s vision of the High Republic era – but there’s only so much we know about it thus far.

It’s been previously reported that Quantic Dream is taking a bit of a departure from it’s typical “playable movie” quick-time event focuses titles, and that Eclipse is going to be more of an action-adventure focused game. It has been confirmed that the game will be set in the Outer Rim (basically, Star Wars’ wild west) during the aforementioned High Republic era, which is roughly 200 years before the Star Wars prequels begin, and 800 years after the fall of the Old Republic as we know it. Although we see Trade Federation ships, multiple Jedi, and Master Yoda in the trailer, Eclipse’s official website says we’ll also see “never-before-seen species and planets” in the game. Let’s fucking go.

The High Republic’s current storyline involves an incident known as “The Great Disaster”, which involves attacks by the Nihil (think space vikings) and the ensuing response from the Jedi Order, who at this time are fully ingratiated into their roles as traveling peacekeepers and “galactic sheriffs” of a sort. Reports confirm that Star Wars Eclipse will be “an intricately branching action-adventure game that can be experienced in many ways”, and will feature Quantic Dream’s signature approach of having multiple playable characters. We can also expect “quick-time events, surprising twists, and a certain degree of tonal inconsistency” according to PC Gamer.

There’s still a ton that we don’t know about Star Wars Eclipse, and I’m absolutely stoked to learn more. We can safely assume there will be lots of narratives, choice-based consequences, and hopefully a ton of delicious new lore to soak up. We’ll find out in the near future when Star Wars Eclipse drops, my guess being in late 2022, early 2023.

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