I Have A Bad Feeling About This: Star Wars Eclipse Rumored To Be At Least 5-6 Years Away

Star Wars Eclipse, a new open world title from Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games, was just announced at The Game Awards a few weeks ago. According to some new rumors swirling this week, the game’s release date could be even more far, far away than we initially thought.

Before the game was even announced, it was rumored that Quantic Dream was already having trouble with the game’s development, and that it was roughly 18 months into production. At the TGAs, it was said the game is in “extremely early development”, and now Tom Henderson – known Star Wars leaker extraordinaire – seems to have made fears of Star Wars Eclipse’s release dates all the more real.

Quantic Dream is best known for single-player titles that mainly involve simply gameplay mechanics, quick-time events, and more “watching” than “doing”. Star Wars Eclipse has long been said to be a departure from the studio’s hallmark style – and that’s creating a lot of problems. Quantic Dream’s go-to engine simply doesn’t seem capable of handling the more complex game mechanics (and “massively multiplayer” structure… which is news to me) they’re shooting for with Star Wars Eclipse, and I’m starting all of a sudden to get shades of Mass Effect Andromeda all over again.

Add on lawsuits, impending rumors of complete and total acquisition by Tencent, and mounting pressure from fans and stakeholders alike… And it goes without saying that I have a bad feeling about this.

Let this be a lesson to you all – there is a such thing as announcing a game too early. It seems like Star Wars Eclipse might just be the poster child for that argument as of now.

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