FaZe Clan Reveals Their New $30M Content Compound And it is Insane

FaZe Clan is known for some extravagant shit, as well as having a team of members that get paid. Like paid, paid. From esport pros, to content creators, they’ve built a juggernaut of a company. Recently, it was announced that they’d be leaving their two homes in LA, and combine the old FaZe House, and Clout House (gag) into one.

It was said that combined, the old two houses ended up running FaZe Clan around $80,000 a month. This one is just about the same with a whole new feel. And it is bananas. 10 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and about 13,000 square feet on almost an acre of land. It also has a ton of shit, like an indoor gym, private lake, a salon, as well as a gaming and movie room. Price tag is about $80k a month with a $100k security deposit (good as gone).

This house is wild. I mean, Justin Bieber used to rent it out. If the Biebs used to rent it out, you know it’s fire. It seems that FaZe also has a thing for living in JB’s old cribs. Since he lived in the Clout House (gag) before too.

There’s a ton of room for activities and content, don’t get me wrong. That’s just a steep price tag that these investors have to cover. It makes sense though. Why pay for two, and you can combine them so everyone is together. Easier on the maintenance side of things for sure.

FaZe’s recent evaluation in November 2019, was $240 mil according to Forbes. Hopefully it produces some bangers since this house compound is something out of a movie.

FaZe hasn’t officially announced the home via video. But the internet can’t keep anything a secret.

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