Pax East 2017: LawBreakers Breaking Keyboards This Year

You’re gunna try to tell me Cliffy B is making a fast paced, hero classed, run N gun, badass blastery, rootin tootin multiplayer game?  Name your price and I will go deeper into student loan debt whatever the cost.  We thankfully got a chance to try LawBreakers out live, on stage at PAX East this year and got an amazing interview with Dan Nunni, one of the lead designers on the game.  Needless to say we were blown away, figuratively and literally…we got placed against a team who played in Alpha and got smoked (COOL).

LawBreakers is a class/hero based first person shooter that bears the title of “Gravity Defying Combat”, and it wears that title like a RAW Championship belt.  If you thought the new Call of Duty games had versatility to them, you may as well strap your diaper on and tell those tweens who keep spawn trapping you to get a life and leave your mom out of it already.  You have your Enforcer class which is made up of attack focused and team boosting ability heroes.  The Assassins that well…they assassinate.  I mean what else is there to say, they’re typically the most fragile but have the most burst damage output and can one shot enemies with some skill behind them triggers.  The Titan is the go to tank class that allows them to be the front line for team compositions and soak up damage like the meat shields everyone loves to hate.  Finally we have the Vanguards who are kind of the Renaissance Man of the classes.  They have mobility like assassins, decent health to tank some damage, and pretty solid damage output like your enforcers.

I got a chance to play Bomchelle, who is a rocket launcher wielding Titan, former pro fighter, and all around ass kicking woman of pure destruction.  I got a few double and triple kills just rocket spamming into the capture point and had some of my highlights saved and recorded. Being a near 4 year MOBA veteran, and a life time FPS junky, this game tickled every one of my fancies.  There is more strategy built into this FPS with team comps and flank strats that really separate it from your everyday shooters, I.e Call of Duty.  Even if we got mopped on stage in front of an audience and on Twitch with a gameplay commentator lamenting over our misfortunes, the game was an absolute blast…see what I did there.  LawBreakers combines the strategy based gameplay and hero setup of modern day MOBAs with a fluid and fun first person shooter perspective all blended into the fastest paced gameplay I think I have ever had the privilege of getting my sweaty gaming rage induced hands on.  I recently picked up OverWatch which is priming me for the release of LawBreakers, because these kinds of MOBA/FPS games were crafted for me to excel with.  I’m not saying I’m gunna go pro in OverWatch AND LawBreakers, but I think I can manage to see some pro play in at least one.  LawBreakers is currently in Sign Up Beta, so drop what you are doing and go sign up already.  It is expected to release at some point this year, so stock up on Mountain Dew, Red Hot Cheetos, and your twitch fingers ready.

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