FIRE IN THE HOLE! Budweiser’s New 2020 Ameri-Cans Are Here

Let’s cut right to the chase – look at THESE BEAUTIES!

GOODNESS GRACIOUS GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! Did anybody else just hear that bald eagle flying overhead? Every year I somehow forget about Budweiser’s Ameri-CANS, and then when MDW rolls around I remember all over again how Budweiser DOES NOT MISS when it comes to these patriotic designs.

As if that wasn’t enough, Budweiser is donating $1 for every case sold to Folds of Honor (up to $75,000), and that might as well be the biggest lock of a donation of all time. Me personally? I’ll be saluting the troops by deleting exactly 1,776 of these this weekend alone. What can I say, I’m a philanthropist.

Also, before you start typing in “ew” in your Giphy keyboard plugin to @ me about enjoying Budweiser, spare me. The greatest draft beer that’s ever crossed my lips was a fresh, frosty, draft Budweiser live at their brewery in St. Louis a couple years ago. I still rave about it. I still dream about it. There’s a certain beauty and majesty about an ice cold Bud Diesel going down the hatch while you can literally hear the Clydesdales neighing in the background that can’t be described by human languages. So take your 11% double IPAs and milk stouts and fucking beat it.

Also, I know we’ve got more than a few vets who read and listen to the podcast – so just wanted to throw a quick “thank you” in here. Thanks for doing what you do and defending our freedom to write dumb blogs like this.

These new patriotic cans and packs will be available from May 25th through July 4th. America the Beautiful, indeed.

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