Chris Pratt Says Being Cast As Mario Is A “Dream Come True”

Needless to say, the reactions to Chris Pratt’s casting as Mario – among the other choices for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie – have been mixed.

Chris Pratt, Jack Black, Anna Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, and many notable others have been cast in this all-star lineup, and it’s definitely got a few people scratching their heads. Star-Lord isn’t afraid of a challenge though, and took to Instagram last night to react to the news and discuss the role a bit.

Is it baffling that Charles Martinet is in this movie and won’t be voicing Mario? For sure. Is it great to see an actor this passionate about the role they’ve been cast in? Absolutely. Chris saying this is a dream come true is heartwarming, and is just another testament to how far-reaching Nintendo games can be, and what an impact they’ve had on so many peoples’ lives.

Pratt also said that they’re working “real hard” on the Mario voice, so I can only imagine that Charles Martinet himself is giving him more than a few pointers on how to nail it.

Listen, this is an animated movie. It doesn’t matter what Pratt’s build is, or what he looks like – because he isn’t going to be physically in the movie. This is an Illumination project, a team who definitely knows how to make movies that appeal to audiences of all ages. Pratt was also excellent in The Lego Movie, so let’s cut the guy some slack and let the man work.

It is hilarious that somebody called this casting over a year ago, though.

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