This Week in Fighting Games: ARCREVO $30,000 Tournament!, New UNI Installment, MVC2 ‘Remaster’ talks & Melty Blood Final Week until Release

ARCREVO America 2021 Tournament :

‘ARC SYSTEM WORKS AMERICA’ announced a new year for their own tournament series this week known as ‘ARCREVO’. Exclusive to America the series will consist of online qualifying events leading to an in-person broadcast event being held in Southern California. The first and second place winner of each region (included below) will be given a chance at the $30,000 prize pool!

Fighting games have long needed, and still need, more developer support of the community through tournaments and prize pools, it’s good to see Arcsys continuing to take a step a great direction.

Also I haven’t seen this discussed much but the ARCREVO 2021 Tournament has this ‘No WiFi’ disclaimer in their rules – 

This along with their great rollback connection should make for a great tournament!

Read more (or sign up!) here –

ARCREVO America 2021 – Guilty Gear -Strive- Tournaments (

New Under Night In-Birth Installment Announced :

Studio Manager, Nobuya Narita, confirmed on Twitter this week that a new Installment of Under Night In-Birth is on its way. However, at this moment, we have no way of knowing 3 important things – 

  • Will this be a new ‘installment’ like an updated version or will this be a brand new game/sequel?
  • How much longer until release?
  • Will it have roll back

Time will tell but I am looking forward to hearing more news!

Melty Blood, Less than a week until Release + the Final Character Revealed :

As of writing this there is less than a week left until the new Melty Blood Game ‘Type: Lumina’. I am one of many who can’t wait to get their hands and now with the reveal of the final character to the starting roster I am more hype than ever.

Red Arcueid is your final fighter! – 

So basically it is still Arcueid, but in this version of her she is devoid of all reason and emotion, driven by instinct due to her vampiric impulses! Gameplay wise it’s still too soon to tell but it seems she has more rush down capabilities! I was already excited to play as Arcueid and this version looks more my style. Play her and the rest of the case when Type: Lumina drops on September 30th 2020.

[Red Arcueid] Battle Preview – YouTube

MVC2 Remaster is in Discussion :

I am leaving this at the bottom since I think it’s the least important…wait, before you hate me, let me rephrase –

MvC2 remaster announced = Ultimate Hype

MvC2 remaster ‘discussions’ – I sleep

The important distinction here is that Digital Eclipse has only mentioned that they would love to revive this game and have indeed started talks to make it happen but ultimately the decision is not up to them but to Capcom & Marvel.

I refuse to get my hopes up when either companies can so easily deny said remaster and even if it does get approved we would have years to wait until it’s finished. For now I think it’s important to mention that it’s possible but want to remind everyone that at this point its very unlikely (I hope I am wrong).

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