Avicii Inspired Game Avicii Invector to be Released In December. Best Drinking Game Ever?

Hello There Games has announced the rhythm-action platformer AVICII Invector is coming to PC, and Xbox One in December and they are planning to release a Switch version in Spring 2020. This is going to give a whole new way for people to experience the work of Avicii who took his own life on April 20, 2018.

Thinking back to my long lived (2 month) experience of dorming at college, a few things stand out to me besides the whole failing out thing. Drinking sink water, eating an absurd amount of dining hall chicken nuggets, drinking $10 a handle vodka, and playing drinking games. And one of the favorites throughout the dorms was “Beerio Kart” which consisted of 4 players, and 4 full beers. You had to finish your beer before the race was over, but you couldn’t drink and drive. You had to pull over every time you wanted to drink and whenever you were hit with a shell you had to drink and couldn’t pass the finish line until the beer was gone. Play that for a few rounds and you have a nice pregame under your belt and you’re ready to have a night.

This game is not only going to pay tribute to one of the best DJ’s of all time, but it’s also going to be a banger of a drinking game. Imagine the game I mentioned above, but instead of normal Super Mario music playing, it was chat topping hits that make you want to put your head through a wall. Unreal.

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