The Skate Franchise Is Dead, Long Live The Skate Franchise

Pour one out for Skate 4 this weekend, folks. Per a report from GameSpot today, EA has officially abandoned the trademark for the Skate series, effectively signaling the death knell for the legendary franchise.

Skate fans have been clamoring for a new entry into the franchise for years now, and only recently just had their hopes and dreams crushed last year at E3 2018, when a Skate 4 surprise reveal was rumored (to no avail) after EA had renewed their trademark to the franchise.

It looks like EA’s trademark has done nothing but collect dust until then, so this may truly be the end for a game that could’ve been an easy layup to please fans, especially from EA who aren’t always cast in the most positive light.

Skate 4… If you’re out there somewhere, and you’re listening… We’ll see you at the crossroads.

Papa Dom

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