NBA 2K20’s Big Joke-ic

NBA 2K20 recently made its way to shelves and is already stirring up some controversy outside it’s usual rinse-and-repeat yearly reviews.

If you’re like me and continually fall into the trap of dropping $60+ a year on a re-skinned EA Sports or 2K game, you hope for some sort of progression to make it worth it. Improved character models, at least one new gameplay mechanic, or…. maybe… enough enjoyment to make up for the self-disdain you feel not waiting to pick up the game from the Walmart $10 discount bin in six months are a must. Broken game mechanics are inevitable, but busted character models are something that should be left in the early 2000s. These games are as much about marketing for the licensed leagues as a hype tool for the individual players. With the release of the most recent NBA 2K20 game, outrage over one particular character (who just happened to be a 2018-2019 MVP candidate) has been building since the game’s release. If I were you, Nikola Jokic, I’d be putting 2K on blast.

Other than a slight likeness to WGG’s own ChrisP as it’s only redeeming quality, this has to be one of the laziest efforts I’ve seen in a while when it comes to character design in a current-gen sports game (shameless plug to bring back SNES NBA JAM’s graphical style). Let’s hope the game play holds up and the micro-transactions don’t become too invasive.

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