LoL: Warwick Rework Teaser Dropped

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Warwick Rework and Changing of The Guard

Riot dropped the Reworked Warwick Teaser today in the League client and honestly…it’s pretty fucking badass. They took the cute and cuddly puppy who dressed up as Granny from Red Riding Hood and turned him into a fucking Cybernetic Monstrosity.



Let me start by saying I think this teaser video would have been perfect if it were released around Halloween because man is it fucking creepy and unsettling. A journal from Singed was leaked (see what I did there) last eek explaining his genetic and cybernetic testing done on Warwick, which is refreshing because so many of the older champions need complete kit reworks and lore overhauls.


I’ll get into the teaser and try to do some theory crafting, so don your tin foil caps, tell your loved ones to keep out of your room and buckle up for this nonsense.

The core of the teaser is Warwick chasing and hunting 2 local No Good scums who probably just robbed the local Tedeschi. Warwick was unleashed to hunt them down and eliminate on site.   He is seen quickly running and jumping across pipes which leads me to believe he will retain some form of his E (Blood Scent). In my opinion the ability is extremely outdated and I feel like it will be something similar to Rengar’s hunting passives. I figure it will be something along the lines of increased movement or attack speeds when he is hunting prey. I remember Riot hinting at giving Warwick some early game pressure with an area of effect fear which would be pretty overpowered. I’m expecting them to change his W (Hunter’s Call) to some form of Howl Fear, because what kind of fucking Werewolf doesn’t have a bloodcurdling howl?

His enormous, augmented hand/claw, in what I can only imagine is Hextech material, seems to lead me to believe some form of his Q (Hungering Strike) will stick. I’m thinking it will remain a lifesteal and damage ability with some updates, probably in the form of a skillshot. After Warwick easily dispatches of the first badguy, the second Everett Trashcan cuts his hand open on the gaping hole Warwick just ripped into the gondola he is trying to escape in. This activates the Hextech cylinders on Warwick’s back enraging him. Tape those tin foils caps to your head because WHAT IF Warwick gets a huge power increase in the presence of the Bleed Status Effect? His Q could apply bleed emporing the rest of his abilities giving him an actual combo that never existed in his kit before.

If you didn’t already know, pre rework Warwick was the run at the enemy, press R, right click for autos, and Q sometimes. Something like a bleed effect could even lead to bleed team comps… I know it is farfetched, but that’s the point of these articles. Also, I’ve been pretty on point with my Kled and Ivern articles…so who knows, I could see into the future for League of Legends.

Finally, after smelling the blood and becoming enraged, Warwick leaps across a few football fields over a gorge to destroy the gondola with the second piece of shit inside. THIS HAS TO HINT AT HIS ULTIMATE. This is what I’m picturing for Warwick’s ultimate. A Pantheon Man Thighs Skyfall ultimate that is semi global, but still locks down the enemy champion upon impact. You could even integrate Camille’s Ultimate by knocking other enemy champions away. I think there are a ton of promising improvements on the way for Warwick and the older, more outdated champions. Riot is doing a pretty solid job of making these champions fun and relevant again…I still kinda miss the old Sion though.


Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Am I crazy? Will I go 3/3 with champion articles in League?  Also I believe the reworked Warwick hits the PBE today, so I guess I’ll find out pretty soon how wrong I was


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