How To Get Your Body Ready For The Nintendo Switch Presentation

Back in October, Nintendo unveiled its new hybrid portable/console/tablet/TV dock – the Nintendo Switch. Now that March is merely 2.5 months away, Nintendo’s ready to give us a whole ‘nother presentation to hopefully show off some juicy details about this bad boy.

At the surface level, I’m sure we’ll get to finally find out the price and release date of the new console, as well as what titles we’re gonna see at launch. Nintendo’s got two – count ’em – two events lined up for the next two days, and one of them is coming at you tonight. The other, one of Nintendo’s “Treehouse” events, promises to show off a “closer look” at some of Nintendo Switch’s games.

Here’s what you need to know. The Nintendo Switch presentation tonight will start at 1PM in Tokyo, which means 11PM Eastern time (for those of you near us). You can watch that right here when the time comes. The Treehouse Nintendo Switch presentation is tomorrow at 9:30AM Eastern, and you can watch that sonofabitch right here. Don’t ever say Papa didn’t do anything for you.

In the meantime, stay locked into @WickedGoodGames on Twitter for any and all updates on the Nintendo Switch and its presentation, as I’m sure ONE of us will be posting about it. Also, subscribe to Not Another Gaming Podcast right here for fucks sake. We’ve got a great episode for you on Friday featuring one of my favorite writers in these internet streets, @CannibalAUX.

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