The Hype For Ultimate Rivals: The Court Is Heating Up

NBA season is back in full-ish swing (COVID postponements and all), and that means its time to get hype for all things basketball.

Ben Freidlin, CEO of Bit Fry Games (and friend of the program), is definitely of that same mind – as he just shared a very early glimpse at Ultimate Rivals: The Court’s incredibly unique gameplay on Twitter.

In the gameplay above, one of Ultimate Rivals’ soccer athletes drains a three pointer by kicking the ball in midair. These unique moves aren’t new to Ultimate Rivals, as the series focuses on pitting athletes from every major sport against one another, with each new installment covering a different sport.

Ultimate Rivals: The Rink (check out our impressions on that here) was the first entry in the UR series, and The Court will pull inspirations from such hardwood gaming classics as NBA Jam to bring its diverse roster to the basketball court.

We here at WGG have actually seen an exclusive sneak peek at the very first trailer for Ultimate Rivals: The Court, and although we can’t say much… Let me just tell you, believe the hype.

For more on Ultimate Rivals, and to get inside the mind of the man at the helm of the studio, check out our interview with Ben from Not Another Gaming Podcast episode 198.

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