PAX East 2023 – Goons: Legends & Mayhem Preview

Goons: Legends & Mayhem is an arcade hockey game developed by RageCure Games. RageCure Games is an award-winning indie studio headquarter’d in Quebec, so naturally they created a hockey game. While the similar style of small arcade hockey players like Slaphshot: Rebound is present, that’s where they similarities start & end. Goons is a chaotic blend to the arcade hockey genre. While I wasn’t cross-checking the enemies into the boards, I was getting skill-shot into oblivion. I only played once game, so I didn’t test all the controls as I was focused on the win, but I turned into an icicle for a full 5 seconds while losing the puck. No penalties, no offsides, no aiming your shot. The only thing you probably can’t do it climb into the crowd to hit a fan with their own shoe. Below is some footage of the game I was able to get into.

While I mention how fun it is, I truly felt that the entire time I played. Not a huge learning curve. There’s a total of 5 buttons you’re able to press on a full controller, and that’s how it should be. Too many games become too complicated with their strategies. Sometimes you just want to plug & play. That’s what Goons offers. Completely family-friendly for all ages. Behind me in line was a 6 year old who was lucky not to feel my wrath.

Goons also offers a single player mode where you have to save Zambonia with slapshots in the slot. While I didn’t play the story, I backseat gamed & saw it played like a 3rd person shooter as you’re able to spawn pucks to clap into the teeth of your enemies. Goons: Legends & Mayhem will release later in 2023 on PC & consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

I want to thank Samuel, the Art Director from RageCure Games for taking the time to answer some questions on the upcoming title. Below is the interview I was able to capture.

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