Ex CSGO Pro shAy Getting 116 YEARS in Jail For Embezzlement and Larceny

Former Brazillian CSGO professional, Shayene “shAy” Victorino is facing 116 years in jail for embezzlement and larceny. These charges are because of a online business that shAy and her ex ran in 2013-2017. While running this online business, it’s reported that 118 people bought products from the store, and the items were never received.

Shay was a huge part in the rise of female Counter-Strike in Brazil, and was in the CS scene from 2008-2019 before leaving to focus on her social influencer career. And now she’s facing 116 YEARS in jail. YEARS. Brazil does not fuck around when it comes to scammers I guess. Maybe they should do that in the US so I can stop getting fake IRS calls saying i’ll arrested if I don’t give them my social.

Shay posted on Instagram defending herself from these allegations.

I don’t speak Portuguese, but I saw online that in this post she says that she is “not arrested, and will not be arrested.” And her lawyer said, “We will appeal against the sentence that we consider inhumane, awaiting a new decision and under the guise of the principle of innocence.”

The good ol “I had no idea what was going on..” The excuse as old as time. But I will say one thing, inhumane is the case when it comes to this conviction. Life, for scamming a few people. They probably all payed with PayPal and got their money back. Everything is fine, everyone has to chill out.

Realistically, according to Brazilian law, the maximum prison term for a single crime is 30 years. So at the most she will do 30 and be out in 2050. Which is still a wild amount of time. But we shall see. I’ll keep everyone posted when I hear more.


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