E3 2016: EA Kicks Off E3… By Shutting Down E3 Press Conference

EA E3 Press Conference



So in case you missed it, Electronic Arts just put the entire gaming industry on notice today by dropping a series of liquid-hot-magma trailers for arguably their strongest annual lineup in recent memory. Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, some new Star Wars and Madden glimpses, and of course – Mass Effect: Andromeda (aka GOTY 2017, covered separately here). Here are our favorite trailers from the event.

Assorted Star Wars Goodness: First off we’ve got this “A Look Ahead” video which takes a peek at what EA’s doing with their Star Wars license in the near future. Looks like we’ve got some dope VR shit coming down the pipeline, some Battlefront DLC (bitch away, guys), as well as some REALLY sick Mo-Cap action that appears to be taking place in the Respawn Entertainment offices. This is really exciting, considering the guys over as Respawn just get it – as is evident with our next gem of a trailer after this one.

Titanfall 2 Campaign: To be honest? I hated how Titanfall 1 didn’t have a campaign. I loved the multiplayer (and still do), love the setting (read: love giant robots). And I loved the visuals (they still hold up if we’re being honest). The guys over at Respawn get it, and I can’t wait to see more of this gorgeous campaign.

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer: What’s that? A second helping of giant robots and space marines kicking the shit out of each other? That’s fine by me. This game looks fun as fuck.

You. Dig. Gi-ant Ro-bots. I. Dig. Gi-ant Ro-bots. We. Dig. Gi-ant Ro-bots. Chicks. Dig. Gi-ant Ro-bots. NICE.

Battlefield 1: This is actual gameplay footage!? Holy shit. That’s all I can say, other than that DICE really knows how to make trailers that get your blood pumping. Why am I sweating after watching this? Find out for yourself.

Madden 17: Love these trailers. The weirdest thing about this trailer was the multiple new celebrations featured, since the No Fun League bans them. But hey, it’s Madden. If you always buy it, you’re gonna buy it. If you don’t, you won’t.

I don’t know how any developer is gonna follow up a show this strong. I really don’t. That’s it. Stay tuned to WGG and our Twitter, @WickedGoodGames, for more E3 goodness.

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