A John Wick Video Game for VR.. I Didn’t Need VR Until Now..

I always said I would never by VR until I needed it for porn, but I am here to announce that I take that back (the waiting part). I am super behind on this news because I’m a drunk and don’t know how to prioritize and/or read. Work has been a little slow for me today so I did what the normal person would do, looked up the most random things on Youtube. “John Wick best fight scene”. I’ll put the video at the bottom because it was abnormally lit (uuge Keanu guy). And as I sat here with a clenched fist and my stomach hanging over my belt after the fat piece of chicken parm I just had I thought,
“They should make a John Wick Video Game”. Come to find out this genius idea was already done on February 9th.  John Wick Chronicles.

So now I need VR and I needed it yesterday. Do you know how many times I’ve watched both of the John Wick’s? A sickening amount. You know how bad I want to be Keanu Reeves? A sickening amount. So now I have the chance. Best believe that I will head right down to the cheapest department store, buy the cheapest suit they offer, throw some grease in my hair and I will get after it.


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