Blizzard Sets A New Standard For RPG Lore With Legion

Everybody who knows me knows I’m a huge lore guy. If I’m hooked on a franchise, I’m gonna spend days of my life combing through every drop of lore I can dig up. If the publisher hasn’t provided any, I’ll spend hours digging through wikis and fan theories until I’m satisfied. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about the latter – because Blizzard is bombarding us with an insane amount of new lore for the upcoming World of Warcraft: Legion expansion, and I don’t think they’ve received nearly enough props for the work they’ve put in.

Now, don’t get it twisted – this is nothing new for Blizz. They’ve consistently given us hours of new lore each and every time a World of Warcraft expansion drops, including but not limited to: comics, novels, animated shorts, behind the scenes previews, and other awesome stuff. What they’ve done new for Legion this time though, is they’ve released an incredible four-part “Audio Drama” that plays out like a fantasy-themed radio show. Or audiobook… Or whatever you prefer.

The audio drama, entitled “The Tomb of Sargeras” chronicles a pre-Legion interaction between the expansion pack’s main NPC protagonist and antagonist: Khadgar and Gul’dan (respectively). The tale is written by Robert Brooks, a Story Developer at Blizzard, and is narrated by the phenomenal Steven Pacey, who has also narrated the audiobooks for one of my other favorite fantasy franchises – The First Law. Brooks has also authored three separate comics surrounding the pre-Legion events, which are also just fanfuckingtastic.

Below is the first of the four chapters to The Tomb of Sargeras, but you can also read the text-version here if that’s more your style. For real though, I’d highly suggest you not miss the amazing narration here.

So all in all – I’m floored by the sheer volume of lore that Blizzard has dropped along with Legion. I know that if I hadn’t resubscribed already, this amount of lore would’ve drawn me back in. And if you’re not convinced yet that Legion is gonna be awesome, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

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