Legion Pre-Launch Update Brings Us Even More Invasions

Have all your gear from WoW’s invasions yet? No? Awesome! With what is likely to be the last (or second to last) update before Legion’s launch, Blizz has doubled the amount of invasions that pop up at once, shortly after increasing their frequency in last week’s update.

That’s right, if you’re looking for an invasion but aren’t in the mood to travel, all six invasion locations will be live at once, every two hours. This means a few good things:

1.) New Gear: You’ll have a few last chances to gear up before Legion. At this point, if you don’t have enough new gear and Coalesced Fel stocked up to get yourself to a 705 iLvL, you have one last week to get good.

2.) Exclusive Stuff: You can snag a two  Glaives of the Fallen and a  Felbat Pup before launch. The Glaives are BoA, meaning if you decide to rock with a Demon Hunter in any capacity you can just send ’em over. The pet will probably be unavailable once Legion launches, so get on that too.

3.) Feats of Strength: If you’re motivated enough to get a single invasion done, you’ll net yourself the  Stand Against the Legion Feat of Strength, otherwise known as an Achievement that will be impossible to attain after the event ends. There’s another FoS available for those who complete invasions at all six different locations,  Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions.

Unfortunately, the invasion frequency updates mean one major drawback:

Underleveled. Players. EVERYWHERE.

Jesus. Mary. And Joseph. I have no idea how any of these invasions are going to get done at this point, since the amount of under-leveled and under-geared players attending these raids is starting to outnumber the level-100 players. It’s fucking ridiculous. Entire parties wiping on 100 elites, “General” chats flooded with players begging for rides and “tagging” parties, and Invasions taking way, way longer than they ever should.

Go level the right way, play the goddamn game you paid for, and stop making my day miserable please. Thanks.

For all of the rest of you, enjoy the pre-launch events. Let us know what your favorite parts about the events are on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames!

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