LoL Kled Charges The Rift

Our Kantankerous Cavalier has finally dropped in League and not for nothing, I kinda called a few things here.  Besides me being a prophet, Kled is pretty broken.  When I say broken I don’t mean “he’s a new champ we just need to learn how to counter him”.  NO NO NO.  A unique champion like Kled is one of those champs that is just too hard to balance.

Sir Kled and Chocobo Skarl

Kled and Skarl (his mount which I called) should clearly not be built AP, but he literally benefits from everything else.  He is naturally tanky due to Skarl’s own HP bar, which is pretty much a Tahm Kench shield size, before scaring that fucker off.  Kled is “weaker” without Skarl, but he kinda just becomes slower and can still do stupid damage if he is building AD and does % health damage with his W.  Wanna play Tank Kled? Why not.  Bruiser Kled?..sure whatever.  Full AD Kled, go fuck yourself. On top of his stupid amount of defense with Skarl, once Skarl runs off, he loses aggro from a ton of different things including tower aggro and I learned the hard way, Malzahar’s ult, which may make him somewhat of a counter to Malz if played right.

The fact that Kled can be built a bruiser or full AD 2 shot machine and still being stupid hard to kill is will most likely bring him to top tier in his roles.  I think he has good gank potential from the jungle because he has great move speed on Skarl and will have great map presence post 6 with his ult.  His ult by the way is practically a Sion ult that buff the move speed of his teammates around him.  Imagine a Sion and Sivir ult had a baby, and that’s what this is.  Completely broken and unoriginal…

I anticipate some nerfs coming his way in the next few patches.  I just think it is tough to say where in his kit they can nerf.  His % HP damage could drop or maybe Skarl’s HP could drop.  I think a unique way to nerf him would be to increase the amount of damage needed on enemy champions to bring Skarl back after you scare him off.  It will totally knock full AD Kled down a few pegs because even after Skarl flees he can do enough damage to get him back fast enough to turn the tides of a losing skirmish.  Let me know what you guys think about Kled in the comments below.  Am I just salty and he really isn’t that bad, or do you agree he’ll need a nerf?

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