Ninja and Tfue Virtually Went at it Again Yesterday, Go Figure

Yesterday, Mr Beast hosted a Rock Paper Scissors tournament to raise money for COVID-19 relief. And this tournament had some giant names.

The stream was starting up and the introductions were under way. There were over 600,000 people watching, and then… Then Tfue leaked Mr. Beasts phone number, as well as the code for the tournament chat.

Go figure, this caused a shit ton of people to try to join the chat, and as a result froze the system. Which caused Mr. Beast to have to restart the stream. Queue tweets from Tfue and Ninja.

As you could have guessed, Tfue was not too happy about Ninja tweeting about him. Which is when he ranted on stream about this.

But just to make sure Ninja knew, Tfue did the predictable. The way to get people fired up. Call him a pussy on Twitter.

Which got a tweet back from Ninja.

So like you could have guessed, the Ninja and Tfue Stans took their sides and defended their creators tooth and nail. Back and forth, back and forth. “It’s Ninjas fault. It’s Tfues fault.”

Enter Ninja’s wife, Jessica. And Tfue’s brother, Jack “Joogsquad” Tenney.

Good god almighty. Alright, while I won’t leave sleep over this online beef, I have to share my opinion on it. Leaking shit is a mistake, I understand that. It’s unfortunate as hell, and it sucks. Especially in a situation like this where it was a giant online event. On the other side of the coin, there were rules in place where no one was to stream the event besides Mr. Beast. Which Tfue obviously didn’t follow. This was obviously to push people to the one place where they were able to donate directly.

I’ll sit back, and watch this unfold. Because at the end of the day it is hilarious. I don’t see it going much further, but I don’t see the pussy calling stopping anytime soon between these two. And I’m also livid that Tfue threw his round against Pokimane, because if he won we would have had a Rock, Paper, Scissors match between Tfue and Ninja. Could have been unreal content following the exchange.

Hell of a job for Mr. Beast with a shit ton of money raised for a great cause.

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