Blizz Re-Enlists Actual Geniuses Steven Pacey and Robert Brooks For “A Thousand Years of War”

Say one thing for Papa Dom, say he’s a lore junkie. I’ve been sitting in my office, scratching my neck every week while waiting for more juicy goodness from World of Warcraft’s latest patch 7.3 – Shadows of Argus. Blizzard has been regularly rolling out new zones, content, and activities during this patch, and have decided to absolutely HOOK IT UP with a new audio drama “A Thousand Years of War”. If you’re not familiar with their work, you’re in for a treat if you decide to dive into the latest from actual geniuses Robert Brooks (writer) and Steven Pacey (narrator).

Not for nothing, but Brooks and Pacey absolutely KILLED IT with their pre-Legion audio drama “The Tomb of Sargeras”, and you can fully expect them to deliver the same phenomenal audio candy with “A Thousand Years of War“. You can also download the PDF from those links if you prefer to read along. Brooks and Pacey are an insanely talented team, and Blizzard is making me drool with the heaps and heaps of delicious lore they keep piling on during the Legion expansion.

Without further ado – check out the first part of “A Thousand Years of War” below. For more from Wicked Good Gaming, shoot us a follow us on Twitter and Twitch, and check out the official WGG Shop here.

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