LoL Dropping the D&D Skins

Some people swear by in-game purchases some consider them the bane of their existence…but they can all eat shit and kick rocks.  Deal with it, League of Legends is the biggest game in the world and it is 100% Free-To-Play, they can make some side money off skins whenever they please.  Let’s get real, the earlier skins in the game are 50/50, most of which were just recolors of base models like Black Alistar or Nightmare Cho’Gath…but the novelty in these simple and now very rare skins can’t even be measured.  I can’t even remember how many PAX skins, UFO Corkis, King Rammus skins that I’ve seen, but sometimes its just great seeing shit like that.  Anyways…I’m that guy who plays League and wants to have AT LEAST 1 skin for every champion I own and you can judge away…meet me at dragon pit bro. Recently the level of craftsmanship put into some sets of skins have reached some crazy high notes, I.e. the Darkstar series, Star Guardian Series, so on and so on.  But Riot is now releasing something that really bridges a gap between two of my favorite things…drinking beers and playing League and drinking beers and playing D&D…You may be able to remove the drinking beers portion but you see where I’m coming from.

Previously, Riot dropped the Classical RPG skins a few months back with Braum LionHeart, Gragas Caskbreaker, Ryze Whitebeard, and Varus Swiftbolt… If you have played D&D before I can guarantee you picturing some of these names popping up in your adventures.  Braum LionHeart is your typical big guy fighter tank, Gragas Caskbreaker looks like your larger than life alcoholic Dwarf, Ryze WhiteBeard is just your straightup wizard, and Varus Swiftbolt is the best depiction of a Dark Elf Ranger I can even imagine.  These beautiful skins just give me that oldschool RPG and weirdly enough Dark Souls feel to them, which you all should know is one of my favorite gaming series ever.  Well Riot is back at it again with the white vans, and when I say white vans I mean the Dungeon Crawler Set.  Just read through that fucking text dialogue man, and it takes me back to the Monday nights at home exploring the Suffering Coast with friends, booze, and dice.  Sejuani DawnChaser is your BeastMaster character, Jayce Bright Hammer looks like your titular paladin fighter class, Karthus Lightsbane seems to be a wizard working his way towards becoming a Lich…….nice…….and my favorite of the group Bard Bard.  Fucking Bravo Riot.  Bard Bard is just brilliant and not for nothing, probably the best looking skin out of the group.  So props to Riot for this new set of awesome skins and if you have a problem with them, we’ll just need to have a little strength contest to see if I rip your head off your shoulders

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