Head Into The Weekend With An eSports Celebration For The Ages

“Salty team tournament set ends with a major pop off and an unexpected hero. Who bitch this is, indeed.” -YouTube


Personally, if eSports had more celebrations and conflicts like this – I’d make it appointment television. The guy who won the round, “KIT ShinBlade”, seems to have just mounted an unreal comeback (can’t tell, since this was filmed on a potato), and takes a well-deserved victory lap. Judging by the other kid in the chair shouting off camera, they still had a whole ‘nother round to play, but still. A celebration for the ages.

And then comes the failed tackle at the end, and the “Who’s bitch is this?”. All-in-all, this might be the Detroit Pistons/Indiana Pacers brawl of eSports. All we needed was Metta World Peace in there to throw some elbows.

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone. I’ve got the night off, Chris is going to Harvard/Yale celebrations tomorrow, and Rob’s home this week. Keep track of all the action on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames.

Papa Dom

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