Tennis Pro Andy Murray Dumped For Playing Too Much Modern Warfare 2

Tennis star Andy Murray and 21 year old Kim are reported as separated after student (Kim) became bored with Andy’s habit of playing video games up to seven hours a day.

Buckle up everyone. This is the most ridiculous bullshit that I’ve ever put these beautiful blue eyes on (humble brag). ANDY MURRAY a tennis superstar, with hand-over-fist money, decides to spend his days in doors playing arguably the best Call of Duty of all time. What’s the issue? He’s not blowing money at clubs, out shopping and being having chicks throw themselves on him. He is sitting in his $5 million dollar mansion playing PlayStation, with his college student girlfriend (who’s living the dream), while the rest of college students are in a 300 square foot, stinky dorm room with pubes all in the toilet. You poor thing.

Side bar: I hate when people refer to people who enjoy playing video games for an extended period of time “addicted”, and that they’re psychopaths. What about the people who go on runs for fun? Now those are nut jobs.

What a terrible, terrible mistake Kim. You couldn’t just suck it up until the hackers took over the game completely and he decided to give life a try? That’s not the type of girl I want, I’ll tell you that. You can’t deal with me punching my desk because the Chopper Gunner is way too OP? Great, then you can’t help me spend my Tennis money.

Instead, Kim should be grateful that Andy is addicted to Call of Duty and not something worse. Like booze, or drugs, or League of Legends.

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