Dab for 10 Hours, Make $2000

Fortnite YouTuber, Luke TheNotable, streamed the entirety of Fortnite’s “Infinite Dab” emote. Which runs a staggering 10 hours. Side note: false advertisement, I’m going to sue. Infinite? Liars. C’mon backpack kid, lets take these snakes down. Kidding. SO, Mr. TheNotable streamed all of 10 hours and as a result got $2000 in donations (which he can use to buy new headphones – from dabbing too hard. Respect), 6000 new subs, and a shit ton of shoulder pain. These 10 hours equated to around 7200 DPH (dabs per hour lol) so around 72,000 dabs during the whole stream.

I get what you’re going to say, because I’m thinking the same thing. Press a button, sit there for 10 hours and get money thrown at you. What a crock of shit.. BUT this is where things take an unexpected turn. Luke took the money that he was donated and popped into unexpected streamers channels to donate to them until it was all gone.

10 hours for 2k? What a salary.. I know you don’t have 10 hours to spare to watch the video (I hope) but here it is just to get an idea.



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