Candy Crush is the Mobile GOAT

Last night I was out having drinks and dinner with friends and as I zoned out after my 6th glass of red, I started thinking about an experience I had at a dive bar one night. It was a cold winter night and all the boys were headed to a local bar located on the beach. I sat next to a middle aged woman who was on her 8th gin and tonic and knee deep in a game of Candy Crush. So being the mobile game connoisseur that I am, I started a conversation with her – “so uh… mobile games, am I right?”. Just kidding but I asked what level she was on.

After a 2 minute rant about her love for the game she gave me some insight. She told me that up for the year that she’s been playing she’s spent upwards of 3 thousand dollar in micro-transactions. Love the dedication Karen, but chill out. SO, the point of the blog post – the numbers that Candy Crush has done compared to Fortnite Mobile and Pokemon go is bananas.

Pokemon Go made around $800 million from its micro transactions in 2018 across iOS and Android, so Candy Crush Saga ($945 million) beats it. Fortnite’s mobile edition made $455 million on iOS alone in 2018 – Gamespot

So yea, big boy numbers. Fortnite with inevitably beat it just because it’s a power house and did 455 mil from March 2018 to end of 2018 so it’s only a matter of time. Sometimes when I’m laying in bed I think of Karen. I wonder if she’s still fighting the good fight. I wonder if she’s up to her ears in debt just to get to level 3590. I hope all is well Karen if you see this, reach out – would love to have you on the podcast.

Side Note: Stop spending so much fucking money on mobile games


Candy crush the OG.

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