Man Yeets Himself Into Television While Playing Virtual Reality Game

There’s very few times where I have nothing to say. But here I am absolutely speechless. What did I even just watch? Just walking to the edge of a building and launching your body off of it, destroying the family TV. Just to be a fly on the wall when this happened I would do some unforgivable shit let me tell you. Just to experience the confusion of watching a grown man catapult himself into the flat screen with the chaos that happened after it. Wife screaming from the other room “WHAT WAS THAT?!” And the yeeter scrambling to get up and fix his hair to act like he has no idea what happened. “I just turned the TV on and it was like this.”

Someone should really have a sit down talk with this man, because he didn’t even think twice about sending it off of a skyscraper.

I cannot stop watching this. It gets funnier every time. VR… definitely not for everyone.

Chris P.

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