What’s Going on With Barstool Sports and 100 Thieves? (insert eyes emoji)

There has been some potential clues getting thrown around the internet over the past weeks with media juggernaut Barstool Sports, and the best esports organization out there, 100 Thieves. First we have Barstool Founder, Dave Portnoy, and 100 Thieves Founder and CEO, Nadeshot, tweeting back and forth over a very serious matter. Their feelings of a snack. Not just any snack. The upper echelon of snacks, Cheez-its.

And after this seemed to die down a little bit, we got a glimpse of an OG Barstool employee, Smitty (aka General Smitty) – and a Barstool hoodie showing up in 100 Thieves new video. As well as Smitty having a few cameos in 100T’s 500k Super Bowl Halftime UNO tournament as the bartender.

This would be a match made in heaven. Barstool, now valued at $450M, has revolutionized the media space with a tone and authenticity that can’t be close to matched. And then there is 100 Thieves. 100T is the best esports org out there right now. The content forward approach to an org, was really become a thing back in the OpTic days with Hecz behind the wheel, but truly ramped up by Nadeshot and team in these last few years of existence. With entertaining, and well produced content being dished out left and right, and merchandise that sells out in minutes, 100 Thieves is a truly remarkable organization. And not to mention I would move to LA to be able to clean the floors with a tooth brush at their new facility. It’s fucking dope.

I’d be jazzed to see this happen, and I think it truly could. What a better way for Barstool to break into the gaming world than to team up with someone in the industry. A someone that just can’t seem to miss right now. I would pay good money to see some sort of collab with The Mob and anyone in that office. It would be gold.

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