Fuck Sleep: Someone’s Already Hit Level Cap In Legion

In a single stroke of predictable absurdity, an inhuman motherfucker by the name of Fragnance (Daddy Frag if you’re nasty) has already reached the new level cap of 110 in World of Warcraft’s new expansion – Legion. For those keeping score at home – this was completed in under six hours once the game launched.

Eurogamer broke this story, and says that Fragnance reached level 110 in just five hours and 28 minutes. Considering that Fragnance is a member of the hardcore PvE guild Serenity, this should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. The funny thing about this, is that it has surprised a few people – some who can’t grasp the concept of what hardcore raiding guilds are, or what they aim to do. For example, take the criteria to apply to be a member of Serenity:

What we expect of you:

Extensive high-level raiding history with end boss kills before nerfs/ilvl buffs
At least five alts at max level, knowledge of how to play them and the willingness to re-roll to another class for the good of progression
For each raid tier, the ability to take off up to two or three weeks off of your work, school or daily routine to commit 100% of this time to Mythic progression
90%+ attendance during farm content
Capability of understanding and executing new or improvised strategies within a single pull
Enthusiasm in analyzing class and encounter mechanics and the ability to communicate your discoveries
A positive attitude 🙂
If you meet these requirements, we’ll be happy to read your application. Just fill out and submit the form below and try your luck!

“We’ll be happy to read your application.” READ! READ! Fork over your time, prioritize WoW over the rest of your life, and re-roll and re-build new characters just because the guild gets stuck. That might sound fucking batshit crazy to some people, but that’s just another day at the office for the folks at Serenity of the Twisting Nether realm.

Back in Vanilla (patch 1.9 specifically), WoW’s top guilds and players vied to be the very first of their realm (read: server) to create the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, an item that would allow them to bang the Scarab Gong, which would open the up the gates to the Temple and the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj. The first player to bang the gong and anyone else who followed within 10 hours were rewarded with the “Scarab Lord” title for their character, a title only 3-4 characters per realm were able to attain. Now, there may be over 200 realms worldwide for World of Warcraft, but that’s still what, 1000 people at the absolute most out of the 5.5 million subscribers to the game? That’s the type of elite competition that World of Warcraft has always had, and it’s served as a type of “game within the game” for those that choose to pursue it. You don’t have to like it, but if you know what WoW’s about and how demanding raiding can be (like I do), you have to respect it.

We here at WGG tip our beer cans for Fragnance for this insane effort, and we hope to hear many more stories of Serenity’s journey to dominate raid progression in the new expansion.

So… What level are you at in Legion? What zone did you choose to start with in the Broken Isles? Scream at us on Twitter at @WickedGoodGames.

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