CS:GO “Mustache Masters” Tournament Becomes 2nd Largest Individual Contributor To Movember Foundation Worldwide

Movember is almost at a close, and if current global leaderboards hold – The Mustache Masters, an online CS:GO tournament, is currently the #2 single contributor to the charity this year.

This is no small feat (for scale, the #1 spot is currently held by Andrew Newman – co-founder of WeWork), and it’s incredibly impressive that the power of video games could be used to raise so much money. The group responsible for putting the tournament together – comprised of DarfMike, GoodGriffin, RyanAtRBM, and PluRO – describe themselves as a “group of esports professionals who are passionate about championing the cause of men’s health and opening conversations in our community”.

The tournament, took place on 14th and 15th of November on the team’s official Twitch page, which also raised over $10,000 last year. Aside from the tournament itself, the charity streams involved various incentives to get people to donate – such as DarfMike shaving his eyebrows after a $3,000 donation.

The tournament was sponsored by the ESEA League, SkyBox, NerdSt Gamers, HyperX, and Threads.GG. We’ve done charity streams, merch drops, and plugs on our show and website before – but to achieve this type of scale is just flat out incredible. Huge props to the team over at the Mustache Masters for such an accomplishment. Here’s hoping they’re able to continue doubling down on their efforts next year!

If you’re interested in learning more about or donating to Movember, consider doing so via my link right here.

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