NFL Content is Coming To Rocket League Later This Month

The NFL and Epic Games have announced that they are expanding their partnership by releasing in game content to Rocket League, and rereleasing updated “Gridiron Gang” skins to Fortnite. Both of these games will also have NFL in-game integration happening at the end of this month.

NFL’s full release here

Just another example of traditional sports, and esports crossing paths. It’s inevitable and it’s happening right before our eyes. But certified good guy and WGG blogger Tiggy brought up a good point. Why hasn’t the Rocket League/traditional sports cross-over happened already with soccer, or NASCAR? Well.. I guess the long and short is the NFL and Epic Games partnership that was already in place. But I agree, and there is a lot of potential on future collaborations.

I’m super curious as to how this plays out in Rocket League and what the world takes of it. Realistically it’ll be NFL team car skins. But the NFL integration is something I’m even more curious about. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see later this month.

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