PAX East 2022: WrestleQuest Lays The Smack Down On All My Expectations

One of PAX East’s clear standouts to me was a JRPG/wrestling hybrid title that I never could’ve seen coming… Until it hit me from the top rope with a frog splash of hype and excitement.

WrestleQuest is a pixel art-style, turn-based JRPG from MegaCat Studios that is absolutely drenched in iconic wrestling tropes, lore, and fan service. In the game, you will traverse numerous regions – each dedicated to a wrestling legend from the real-life squared circle – as you build your own wrestling legend.

WrestleQuest will feature a number of playable characters, each with their own stories and motivations. Players will not be able to create their own character, but MegaCat says that is by design. Each of the characters will have a unique flavor, flair, and career path – so it’s only natural to focus on telling a great story in a game like this (I was told the game will be roughly 50-60 hours long) – rather than dilute that in favor of a character creator.

One of the biggest compliments I can give WrestleQuest is that it’s combat mechanics reminded me of my favorite game of all time – Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Yes, you’ve got your typical turn-based combat, but there’s also timing minigames, flourishes, taunts, and items built in that spice up the typical formula and lend a much greater sense of immersion into each “match”. I honestly had no idea how the combat was going to work when I jumped in, and I found it to be a truly pleasant challenge with some unexpected surprises.

WrestleQuest is coming later this year, and you can Wishlist it now on Steam.

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