PAX East 2022: Voodoo Ranger and AbleGamers Quenched My Thirst For Sick Windbreakers (And Beers)

When you’re putting in hours on the show floor at conventions like PAX, you’re gonna want a cold beer at some point. It’s just a natural feeling. You’re talking yourself hoarse, screaming through the noise around you (masks were probably a good idea for this show – but definitely didn’t do me any favors in the interview department), and bottles of water cost a mortgage payment.

In the last couple of years (that PAX East actually happened), you couldn’t get beer at the convention center. This year, the good folks at Voodoo Ranger and AbleGamers brought a unique lineup of craft beers and exclusive merch to draw in the crowds and get people talking about accessibility in gaming. I found out about this through Friend of the Program / Friend in Real Life Craigums, AbleGamers’ Director of Community & Inclusion. Craig let me know there were beers, hugs, and great conversations to be had over at the lounge – so on I went.

One of the focal points of the Voodoo Ranger Lounge was their show-exclusive Foeslayer IPA, which was created in collaboration with Acquisitions Incorporated just for PAX East this year. You can’t get them online or in stores, but I’ll absolutely make sure to keep an eye out for them around me in the event Voodoo Ranger changes their mind – because word on the show floor was that they’re delicious.

The main attraction however (aside from the only beers in the building) was the limited-edition Voodoo Ranger x AbleGamers windbreaker, designed by Lillian “Lillie” Hochwender. 100% of profits from the sale are going straight to AbleGamers to continue championing the cause of helping everyone game. Unlike the show-exclusive beers, these windbreakers are still available online, so if you didn’t get a chance to check them out at the show – now’s your chance to snag one.

Big shoutout to AbleGamers for doing absolutely incredible work and growing as much as they have – definitely check them out for all things accessibility and social inclusion through the power of gaming.

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