Video Game Streamers Have The Best Job..

Yeah. The absolute best job. And i’m not talking the puny little geek that gets 2 viewers. I’m talking the big fish. Hundreds of thousands of followers. People just throwing money at them so their stupid Twitch name will flash across the screen for 3 seconds. Sickening

Throw money at me and watch what I do. You throw money at these people for sitting down and playing video games. “Hey LongDickBalla69, thanks for your weeks paycheck I appreciate it so much”. Fuck that. Give me your pay check and I’ll eat fresh dog shit off of the lawn.

steamers 2

My job isn’t bad. I actually spent my last half hour playing ping pong. But guess what. On the ride home the train smelt like B.O like you read about. Nauseous off the fumes. I was an absolute fucking sardine in this train. Couldn’t move. Here comes Billy running to the train with a stroller. Just when you think he couldn’t possibly fit, he weaseled his way in; I was happy that the child got out of the heat and onto the train safe. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. There was no child in the stroller. There were shopping bags. Dick.

Besides the point.


streamers 3

Take my money.


I’m not hating on streamers. If anything I envy them. You guys can wake up, slide on your slippers. Take a fat shit on your own toilet. Sit on your computer to play some video games and just get money THROWN at you. I’m sick. Strippers of the internet.



Keep doing you.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

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