Train To Busan May Be Better Than Dawn of The Dead

Is Train to Busan the best zombie movie since Dawn of The Dead?

YES! 1000 times Yes.  Don’t even try to argue this.  Don’t send hate mail, don’t fucking @ me.

Now before you neckbearded, zombie survival book buying, knife/sword/katana/sharp object collecting, basement dweller slowly elevate from your Cheeto encrusted couches to write your hate speeches against me, just take a deep breath and put the Mountain Dew down.

Nobody can deny the explosion of Zombie culture that followed Dawn of the Dead such as the influx of movies such as 28 Days/Weeks Later, Shaun of The Dead, and Zombieland.  These helped to propel the brain craving undead to all of our faces and in the forefront of cinema from 2000-2010.  In many peoples’ opinions, Dawn of the Dead is the epitome of zombie movies and honestly it’s pretty hard to argue against.  There were likeable characters, a great setting (which heavily influenced the Dead Rising series), and an overall great plot/execution.  The aforementioned movies listed above gave Dawn a run for its money in every aspect, however you can always fall back on Dawn being the modern baseline for what zombie movies really NEED to be.

12 years later, after a dozen horrible zombie movies…and that’s only counting the Resident Evil franchise, there is a faint shimmering glint of hope emerging from the knee high pile of shit that we have been given over the years.  South Korea strategically placed a diamond right in the center of this cesspool and I know after being let down so many times before, you must be hesitant to get your hands dirty.  PLEASE I IMPLORE YOU, hold your nose and dig your arms deep into that pile of shit and pick out that diamond known as Train to Busan.

I refuse to spoil the movie, but like CMAHN i gotta mention some things.  I’ll start by saying I love the train setting more than Dawn’s mall because it introduces so many more prevalent obstacles.  The zombies are in my opinion the best style I’ve ever seen since Dawn and they have a wave like flooding pattern similar, but much better than those in World War Z.  The greatest reason to see this movie is how well you become attached to the amazing cast and characters.  There were points where I was cheering and times where I was fighting back tears.  Dawn of the Dead did not have that effect on me and this is why you need to see this movie!

Train to Busan matches Dawn of the Dead in every fashion but far exceeds it with character attachment.  Don’t you dare watch the subbed version because you will lose all sense of who these people are and what they are struggling through and fighting for.

Train To Busan 10/10

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