These Resident Evil 7 Death Scenes are ABSURD

If you have some time to spare watch the whole video, if not the first scene will show you the gist of it.

S/O to @Izuniy for a sick video

Let me preface this mediocre blog with a little background. I am a pussy. I could never play any scary movies growing up and I would lock myself in my room whenever Chucky was on. But damn does Resident Evil 7 look all sorts of dope.

Holy shit.. This is the type of game that will make me sleep with the hallway light on. The type of game that makes you run to get a glass of water during the night while looking over your shoulder the whole time. Not to mention if I played it on VR I would be screaming bloody murder the whole time. Honestly, this may be the most gruesome game that I have ever seen and fuck am I convinced that I need this game now. I need my redemption. I can’t play it at night though because I’ll piss the bed 100%.

These deaths and battles are top notch. The first chick gets stabbed a couple times, a hatchet to the neck, a few gun shots to the grill, hell she even knocks herself out. But she won’t stay down. I need that type of determination in my life. All you have to say to me is it’s raining and I can’t get up out of bed.


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