PETA is Back And Trying To Ruin Animal Crossing Again

First a guide on how to stay vegan while playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, and now this nonsense?

Go the fuck to bed. It’s a video game. Blathers is just trying to do his god damn job and you guys storm the museum and cause my man tons of stress. He barley sleeps as it is, hasn’t sat down in 2 months and when he does people scare the shit out of him. He doesn’t need this.

I’m sure there are more real life issues going on that need attending to, and not a virtual museum. You guys want to empty the tanks and have the fish suffocate to death? Jeesh, I see where you stand now. That’s kinda fucked up.

And if you are one of the delusional people tweeting #BlathersIsOverParty you are tapped. Trying to cancel a NPC, absolutely mind-boggling.

Chris P.

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