RUMOR: Warzone’s Map Will Soon Change and Unveil The New Call of Duty

Yesterday we got a post from credible leaker Okami on Twitter – and the internet went in a frenzy after that. Trying to decipher the phones ringing around the map. Exploring bunkers for clues. Call of Duty is actually fun right now.

Well i’m here today to report on another rumor that start with the new bunkers that are able to be opened. The streets are buzzing and there is a very good chance that the nukes found in the bunkers are going to lead to a map change very, very soon. And at the end of the map change, that’s where the new Call of Duty game will be announced.

My thoughts? Love it. Very Fortnite-esque. And while I hate ForkKnife, I love what they did from a creativity standpoint.

And here is something to wrap your mind around. Fortnite’s v10 update brought back zombies. What if… what if Call of Duty did the same thing, but it was the way for us to see the new and improved zombies that is coming in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

Would be v cool. I see it happening within the next few weeks to be honest.

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