Wizards Gives All MTG Arena Players A Shot At Cash, Glory With MTG Arena Open

In today’s State of the Game update for MTG Arena, Wizards of the Coast’s Magic Digital team announced a way for players to compete and win real money from the safety of their homes in MTG Arena.

In the very first ever Arena Open, a two-day competitive event where every MTG Arena player will have a chance to join the game’s top players and compete for cash, glory, and in-game rewards.

While the Arena Open is currently separate from Magic’s esports division (meaning you can’t earn Mythic Points or qualify for a Mythic Championship/Invitational through this competition), it’s still a pretty unique initiative, and should attract some serious talent. The Open’s entry fee is paid with MTGA’s in-game currencies (20,000 Gold or 4,000 Gems), which shakes out to roughly $25 to enter.

Any player who accumulate the tournament’s required 7 wins on both days (surely not a simple task) will net themselves $2,000 cash, and 2000 in-game gems. The tournament is two days, sign-ups end on May 31st at 4am PT.

For all the details, payout info, and other MTGA updates, you can check out the full State of the Game blog right here.

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